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There is absolutely no point in continuously going back for extensions, parliament will not agree to any deal the The Big Lebowski is this your homework Larry vintage shirt may gain or agree to a no deal exit. If i were Boris i would only agree to ask for an extension for one purpose and that is if parliament agreed to hold a general election during the extension so that we can get a government which has the majority to sort out Brexit one way or another without this constant bickering and BS as soon as possible.

It's my understanding that a general election before a no-deal Brexit is exactly what everyone except Johnson and co wants. There's no time to have an election before 31 Oct so an extension is needed, which he won't ask for. Prior johnson does want an election but twatty corbyn wont have one as he knows he will get trounced. Boris doesn't have that power. Parliament voted to enact a law that prohibits a no-deal Brexit. So the law insists that he must ask for an extension in his capacity as Prime Minister.

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