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Dorene MCormack You are wrong Scotland is part of GB and it does not matter where in GB the court is Its a British Court. Because the majority were lied to, Arnold, and by the way, the Snoopy Kansas Chiefs shirt
 Court, who you seem to think you know better than, isn't in Scotland. he majority of England and Wales yes Northern Ireland and Scotland no we voted to stay. Plus most of your elderly leavers are dead and the expats forced home will want to stay in the EU and vote to leave. Plus three years of young voters have been added whom remaining gives them way more benefits. Fact is tomorrow new referendum would have the UK stay.

Baden Howell change the record remainers lied as well. Most of the people who voted leave listened to both sides and then made up their own minds. Pat Bell then the others who were eligible to vote should have got off their backsides and voted then and if they were unable to do that then they should have applied for postal voting. No matter how you look at it out of the ones who took the time and trouble to vote the majority voted leave. Well I wouldn't trust what Johnson says to save my life, Veronica, but it is down in the Legislation he will apply for an extension if nothing's happened come the 19th.

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