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Rolling Stone Jimi Hendrix Poster Shirt

The biggest tragedy above their death is leaving their homes and relatives. There is immense suffering by several not addressed by media. And the men were probably wearing life jackets! The Rolling Stone Jimi Hendrix Poster Shirt of the West comes at a price for some sadly! Some things just never change! People who laugh at this should be rounded up a put adrift in the ocean until they succumb. There are such selfish unsympathetic people around,they only care about themselves!no humanity!

It doesn't matter whether we agree or not on them trying to come but the fact that people put a laughing face on the reactions If the rescue boats were not out there encouraging them to go to sea in unsuitable boats, this would be less likely to happen. I can see how someone could see an anus, but I’m in a job where I’m literally supposed to think with a dirty mind to avoid things like this. That being said, I still don’t think I would have made that connection. This is one of the crappy parts about art.

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