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Thirteen women have died and at least a dozen others are stil missing after their boat capsized moments before they were due to be rescued. It's horrific that people are dying trying to reach a better life, but why is not there not more emphasis put on catching the Need bucks New Balance Shirt smugglers who profit magnificently from these poor peoples' plight. These women were seeking a good life elsewhere.I feel sad that they died before finding the happiness they deserve. This is heartbreaking, these people leave their loved ones in search for a better life just to find death.

Firstly that's a horrible sad tragedy, and this news makes me very sad. I can understand those running from war torn countries, but last time I checked Tunisia was not at war. They need to fix their own problems in their home countries, not run away from them. And endangering your children's lives because it might be better somewhere else is selfish. How can anyone find this funny. Really makes me sick. Everyone has there own opinion but come on!

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