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Hurry and Pick Or I Will Pick For You Shirt

The entirety of Parliament has made it clear that they want a general election. They have also made it clear that they only want one once an extension has been granted so that the Hurry and Pick Or I Will Pick For You Shirt doesn't default into no deal Brexit unchallenged. Gove and Mogg who have a history of being a minority clique voting for no deal Brexit, have all been goading parliament to push for an election if they are unhappy. Stop making out Boris doesn't want it, when it's common knowledge he called Corbyn out over it. Search through.

Yes he does want the election! Boris said it open in Parliment when he shut down Corbyn and made him look like the fool he is. Robin Waldo Tompkins that was the point of the extension. To prevent Johnson from crashing out of the Uk mid election. Get the extension, and BJ will get his general election. Seems he doesnt want it anymore though. I'll admit, don't make a habit of it myself as it bores me senseless! But Boris does want the election, he proposed it and Labour said no. In parliment Boris used that by stating Labour.

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