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Demogorgon IT Pennywise Friends Shirt

Baden Howell actually it was probably understating how much we actually send to the EU and no we didn't believe it would all be spent on the before you ask. Governments in UK have been elected on lower majorities and this was after all, the Demogorgon IT Pennywise Friends Shirt​ ever turnout for any electoral process, it is therefore a more valid result than any General Election, so why don't you respect the majority decision. Wrong again, Brookes, it was a false assessment, it was at least a Hundred Million lower.

Laugh all you want, Brookes, but No Deal was not what was promised when this whole sorry mess started. Chris Kelly why is it pretty safe to assume anything about those that didn't vote. The only justifiable conclusion is they they were to lazy to vote or that a large number of them were arrogant or stupid enough to believe that it wasn't any great deal for either leave or remain. Bell not the leave voters fault the others couldn't be arsed to get of their backsides and go and vote! Take your gripe up with them, leavers only used the same legal right that you have.

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